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Meet: Sunny Jain

Founder of The Master Trader, SEBI Registered Analyst, Trading Expert & Mentor

I’ve Made Pots of Money Trading in the Stock Markets Since 2008. With the Systems and Strategies I have created, I am able to live life on my own terms. What I have created is a life of Simplicity, Success, and Freedom!

After 11 years of trading, I have consistently been able to make money. But as they say, “Being rich is having Money, being wealthy is having Time.” Hence, I developed a system that not only Maximizes your Profits but most importantly Maximizes your Time.

Its my life’s goal to create consistently profitable traders. Through my trading success, I want to stand as a role model and show that anybody in the world can trade. Hence, I founded The Master Trader, the Most Trusted Stock Market Trading Academy, with the ambition to help people achieve financial confidence!

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  • Includes 4 Courses which covers Basic to Advanced Concepts
  • 6 Highly Profitable Trading Strategies to Skyrocket your trading results
  • Expiry Jackpot Strategy to Earn Massive Profits
  • Learn to trade Nifty and Banknifty like never before
  • Learn how to take 1-2 High Probability Trades every single day
  • Lifetime Support, Daily Trade Reviews, Weekly Webinars, Daily Updates
  • Includes 2 Special Bonuses

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  • Includes 4 Courses which covers Basic to Advanced Concepts
  • Learn 8 Trading Strategies to become a Consistently Profitable Trader
  • Learn from Full-Time Trader with 11+ years Experience
  • Lifetime Access to Exclusive Students Group
  • Lifetime Support after Training
  • Daily Trade Review Sessions
  • Unlimited Re-Takes of Training
  • Includes 3 Special Bonuses

Course Details

Imagine being your own boss!

Make your trading work for you, so you can work from anywhere! Are you up for the challenge?

"3 Steps to MASTER your Life"

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Learn the necessary skills to master the art of trading. Save years of blood, sweat and tears and get started NOW!

Step 2


Success in trading comes from practice and patience. I suggest all my students to first practice what you've learnt for at least 6 months to build confidence.

Step 3


Finally it's time to put your skills to test. This is where you start creating the life of your dreams, the financial freedom you want and the happiness you deserve!

My Promise to You

Success for me is defined by my student’s success. Only once you make profits will I get a sense of satisfaction. If you prove to me that you are dedicated to learn, I will give you my full support. If I had a mentor like this to guide me and support me, I would have saved a lot of money and 6 years of time. I started the journey of The Master Trader to simply help you save years of hard work and your hard earned money. It is my goal for you to become a consistently profitable trader and I promise to give you my full support.

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