Some call him The Master Trader,
While some know him as Sunny Jain

A Trading Maestro

Sunny entered the Indian stock markets in 2008 right after moving from Los Angeles. With his everlasting passion and dedication for trading, he decided to leave his job in 2013 and took up trading as a full-time career. Since then, his graph has only been going upwards.

By following his hearts calling, today Sunny is not only a highly successful trader, but also happy and fulfilled with what he does. After spending almost 18 hours daily in front of charts and reading 100+ books, he has identified and developed a trading strategy that has been giving him consistent results in any market condition since 2013. Today, Sunny loves that he can just trade for about 1 hour a day and spend the remaining time supporting his students or with his family.

Dedicated Mentor

Sunny admits that his life changed after he began mentoring others on becoming successful traders just like himself.

By just working (trading) for an hour a day, Sunny felt he could do so much more and give back to society and so he decided to start The Master Trader and train people on the concepts and strategies he himself uses. He could never have imagined how in his sharing his knowledge, people’s lives could change so drastically. Since then, Sunny decided to dedicate his life in growing his skills and passing it on by mentoring and helping others.

What drives him now is other’s success, instead of his own. Today Sunny has impacted thousands of lives around the world and has created multiple full-time traders

Life of a Full-time trader

Financial Freedom

I tell all my students that if you can consistently make money trading with only 1 quantity, then there is no limit as to how much you can make in the stock markets. You think of an amount and even that is less. So, being a full-time trader allows me all the freedom I can financially imagine. How much money you make is completely in your hands. You have full control over your income. Today, I can purchase whatever I want. I don’t have any debts. And I am making a comfortable income month after month. Though you have to understand this has come with a lot of hard work and dedication. But best thing is to realize that something like this is possible and that anyone can achieve this.

Work From Anywhere

The best part about trading full-time is that it allows me to trade from anywhere in the world. All I need is my computer and internet connection. I am able to live my passion of traveling and trading together. Many times I don’t feel like going to office so I trade from home. Even when Im at functions or events, I don’t miss out on my trading.

Freedom Of Time

More than the money, having the freedom of time has brought the most pleasure to my life. My working time is simply one hour a day in which I trade. Yes you read that correctly, I trade only for one hour everyday. That it the beauty of my strategy. I have the entire day free to myself. I am not bound or committed to anything. I have plenty of time to give to my health, my family and more importantly to myself.

Be Your Own Boss

Yes, you are your own boss. No one to tell you what to do or when to do it. No one to boss you around or bully you. No commitments or projects or assignments. You simply have to report to yourself. I can take a day off whenever I feel like. I am not bound to anything or anyone. I never feel pressurized to work. What more can a person ask for? I am living the life of my dreams!

Living Life on Own Terms

To live life on your terms simply means to have the freedom to live the way YOU WANT to. To be able to do anything, anytime and anywhere. Being a successful trader allows me the freedom to live the way I want along with having a meaningful and fulfilled life.

I used to always think, how would life be if money and time were not an issue? Well fortunately, I found my answer and that’s the kind of life I chose to live. I did whatever it takes and today I’m living my dream life.

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