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I am saying wholeheartedly if we get trained from someone they will simply teach us and leave. But Sunny bro is not like that. He taught us everything he knows and has not kept any secrets. Whenever he learns something new, he does not sit quietly. He will send his students a message and spend his valuable time to teach the same without any cost. I want to keep this in front of you guys to show you his dedication towards his students. God Bless you, bro!

- Ram Reddy Karne

I have been following Sunny since quite some time and not really seen anyone giving such high accuracy trades in the markets. The best part is that he shares all the trades and analysis before he enters into them. Again, something I’ve not seen anybody do. I liked Sunny’s honesty and simplicity in how he trades. His work is helping me consistently earn on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend anyone to take his training.

- Neha Thakur

After taking training from Sunny Bhai, a perfect discipline came into my Stock Market Life. Earlier I used to trade without a proper approach and used to feel winning trades is very difficult. Your training has completely changed this bhai. It proved that with a simple and proper discipline we can win the trades. Your training and your approach really have some Magic bhai. Most importantly, you are 100% transparent. You not only show your profits but also share your losses (which is very rare!). I really like your trade reviews every day. You are down to earth and very helpful. You are Sunny Bhai The Rocket Man!

- Ravinder Patlolla

I was always interested in the Stock Markets and wanted to start trading. I was looking for a good mentor and I am so glad I came across Sunny. I loved how he makes complex things look so easy. There are infinite things you can learn in the markets but Sunny focuses on the things that work and make money. Thanks to his training, I am able to become an independent trader and don’t have to rely on anyone or any tips. One really good thing about Sunny is that he is a nice human being and is always there to support me.

- Bhagyashree Jain

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