Trading Mastery

This is a course designed to transform a novice trader into a professional trader. The aim of this course is to make the individual self-independent in making their own analysis. It is a purely technical based training in which all the tools will be given to make an educated trade.

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Our goal is to make you a Full-Time Profitable Trader!

Why take this Course ?

This course is designed for someone who is a new comer or currently struggling at trading. The material and strategies are designed to transform an ordinary trader to a professional one. If you wish to take up trading as a full-time career and make it your primary income, this course is for you.

There are strategies suitable for people with jobs and/or businesses where one can finish trading in the first one hour of the market. There are also strategies for traders who would like to trade all day.

Our goal is to make you talk, read, analyze and trade like how a professional trader would. This course is only for those who want to take trading seriously. It is your hard-earned money on the line and you should know how to make the best of it.

Salient Features of Course

  • 3 Live Trainings on weekends
  • Includes 4 Courses which covers Basic to Advanced Concepts
  • Learn 8 Trading Strategies to become a Consistently Profitable Trader
  • Learn from Full-Time Trader with 11+ years Experience
  • Lifetime Access to Exclusive Students Group
  • Lifetime Support after Training
  • Daily Trade Review Sessions
  • Unlimited Re-Takes of Training
  • Includes 3 Special Bonuses
Course I.

Master the Art of Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis: Basic to Advanced

In this course we will make sure you know the ins and outs of how to read and analyze a chart like a professional trader. Topics you will learn in this course are:

  • Types of charts
  • Support & Resistance
  • Trendlines
  • Moving Averages
  • Different timeframes
  • Best Broker/Trading Platform
  • Trade Execution and Trade Orders


Along with the rest, you will learn confluence points and how to make a trading decision based on multiple confirmations for the best trade possible. Confluence in trading means combining a set of trading signals to confirm a buy or sell trade.

Course II.


This is one topic which no mentor or coach will teach you. This topic can be considered to be the “Holy Grail” of trading as you will learn to read and interpret the charts as you are reading a book. After having this knowledge, you will not need any strategy or method as you will be able to develop your own.

Course III.


As its said, history tends to repeat itself. Chart patterns are one such indication which keep occurring over and over again leaving us with clues as to how price may react at particular levels. Sunny will not only teach you the chart patterns and tell you how to trade based on them, but will also help you understand the underlying meaning behind the formation of such patterns

Course IV.

Trading Mastery


The secret to trading all lies in the right stock selection. You will learn a method of selecting stocks which, regardless of whichever strategy, will do 75% of the work for you. You will learn to identify stocks which will blast intraday where your targets will get achieved within minutes.


  • 2 CANDLE

    This concept itself is enough to make anyone a full-time trader. Sunny has been using this as his main tool to take successful trades since the past few years.


    Significant level is a concept we put a lot of emphasis on to help us in understanding charts and price behavior. It is one of the best tools to apply for intraday trading.


    You will not come across such a beautiful concept in your trading career. This concept purely states that once you identify a magnet level, you will get to know exactly where price is headed


Market structure is a very crucial component to trading since it allows us to identify the location as to where price is trading in and take a decisive trade accordingly.


Trading gaps can be one of the most profitable ways to trade, if done correctly. Sunny will teach you simple strategies on how you can monetize from stocks/indices that have gapped up/down.


Trading reversals can be one of the simplest and most rewarding ways to trade if you know exactly when to enter and exit. In this course you will learn 4 different ways to identify reversal points to enter with the best risk to reward opportunities.


The big players rely hugely on data analysis and majorly open interest. We will learn to decipher and translate the open interest data to select winning stocks and profitable trades.


You must have heard that the trend is your friend and when the entire sector is trending then we need to be in that sector. Learn how to identify which sector is going to move for the next day and which stock will benefit the most from this.

"The Trading Mastery Trading Strategies"

Your path to Lifelong Financial Freedom

You will be taught 8 Trading Strategies with well-defined entry and exit rules. Out of these there are 2 main ones which have a success ratio of more than 80%. All strategies will be taught in detail with proper explanation and with chart demonstration.

Special Bonus

Bonus I


Trading is 70-80% psychology and then comes your technicals and strategies and so on. Master your psychology and master trading. This is what transformed Sunny from a losing trader to a consistently profitable one. In this course you will learn all the tools and techniques required to take control of the mind to get you in the right mental frame to become a successful trader.

Bonus II


Learn the strategy which has allowed Sunny to leave his job and take up trading as a full-time career. Sunny has been using this since the past 6 years and has been able to make consistent profits. You will not find a better, more consistent strategy in the market.

Bonus III


In this book, Sunny outlines what took him from a losing, devastated trader to becoming a consistently profitable one. He describes his entire journey and all the mistakes he made along the way to make sure you don’t make the same the ones. He majorly outlines three major aspects: 1) Pre-requisites to trading, 2) 7 trading strategies and 3) Rules for success in life and trading.

10 Reasons Why This Course Is A Must!!

Exclusive Group

Be amongst a community of like-minded traders who are on the same journey as you. Share your trades and analysis and learn from one another.

Lifetime Support

Receive lifetime support from Sunny. Personally call or message Sunny to clarify any doubt or question you may have.

Unlimited Re-takes

Attend as many future trainings for revision for free. Nobody in the industry would allow this.

Inner-Circle Webinars

Attend 2-4 revision webinars every month. Learn new strategies and techniques and also get all of your doubts and queries cleared by Sunny.

One-To-One Session

After the training, schedule a meeting with Sunny to go over your plan of action and how to take things forward. Get your personal time with the Master himself!

The Profit Room

Receive exclusive trades from Sunny himself for one month. This is simply to get you started and to help you recover your training fees.

Trade Ideas

Daily receive 2-3 trading setups to possibly trade for the day. You can use this as your Trading Watchlist. This will enhance your learning process and make it easier for you to trade.

Additional Training Material

Upon completion of the training, you will receive multiple workbooks containing the material learned. You will also receive other trading video lessons worth lacs of rupees.

Live Market Training

Get trained in the Live Markets where Sunny will take you step by step as to how he plans his day and sets up his trades. You will learn to create a watchlist and live trade execution.

Daily Trade Review

Everyday after market hours, a review session will take place in which Sunny will go over trades taken for the day. In that, he will explain which strategy was used, how the stock was selected, the entry, the exit and the stoploss. Students have loved this and this is one of the best ways to learn the strategies.

Become a Master Trader - Enroll Now

My Promise to You

Success for me is defined by my student’s success. Only once you make profits will I get a sense of satisfaction. If you prove to me that you are dedicated to learn, I will give you my full support. If I had a mentor like this to guide me and support me, I would have saved a lot of money and 6 years of time. I started the journey of The Master Trader to simply help you save years of hard work and your hard earned money. It is my goal for you to become a consistently profitable trader and I promise to give you my full support.

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